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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Calais - A Frenchwoman Speaks Out

Calais is a town where various violent pro-immigrant groups are allowed to protest with immunity, but where a peaceful protest by PEGIDA was banned by the mayor and an 80 year old retired Foreign Legion General was thrown into jail for participating in the event.

This link gives a local Frenchwoman's view on what is happening in the town where she was born and has lived all her life.

Everyone should read this!

Note her estimate of some 18000 immigrants in the camp, far in excess of what the UK media tell us.  Just don't expect it to get a mention on the BBC.

More information is in Breitbart.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Democracy - Cameron Style

When it comes to campaigning for the EU referendum, David Cameron has advised Tory MPs to ignore the views of their constituency party and of their local constituents and make up their own minds. Implied in his 'advice' is that they need to consider their future career within the party. Clearly Cameron has already made up his own mind to stay in the EU, and if the referendum is in favour of staying, the implication is that MPs who campaigned in favour of leaving the EU will not see any promotion and could even be deselected for the next General Election when many constituency boundaries are to be changed.

I have never belonged to a political party, until Mrs Thatcher was deposed, I supported the Tories, since when I've become a supporter of UKIP. Looking at the way Cameron expects MPs to treat their constituents and their local party, what would be the point of joining? The local party has very little power or influence; it is allowed to select its prospective parliamentary candidate, but only from a list of prospective candidates put forward by Conservative Headquarters. Exactly what are the benefits of joining the Conservative Party if one doesn't have ambitions to be a politician?

Strange as it might seem, many of our Trade Unions are more democratic. I used to belong to a Union and went to its annual conference on a few occasions. On one occasion, our branch had tabled a motion criticising the National Executive on a particular issue concerning professional engineers. The motion was called to be debated and I was allowed my five minutes on the platform to put forward my branch's views. The matter was duly debated and although we lost, our grievances were fully aired.

Can you imagine that happening at a Conservative party's annual conference? I certainly can't. It is simply a show-piece where the higher-ups in the party tell everyone how well they are doing and why they are doing the right thing, regardless of what members think. Why on earth should anyone want to join an organisation like that? I've never been one for toeing a party line just because I'm told that's what I should do, I like to make my own decisions based on my own conclusions.

Time will tell how many Tory MPs decide to ignore Cameron's 'advice'.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Hoisted with their own petard

The news this week from Australia that the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) was to significantly reduce its research into climate change and close down its Climate Division with the loss of jobs for some 350 scientists was about the only recent item of news which has raised a smile as far as I'm concerned.

After all, sceptics like myself are constantly being told that "the science is settled", so why should there be any need for further research?

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Keep Rhodes

Protesters with nothing better to do are demanding that the statue of Cecil Rhodes at Oriel College, Oxford, is removed on the basis that Rhodes was racist. The leader of the campaign is one Ntokozo Qwabe, who himself has benefited from the Rhodes scholarship, funded by a legacy left to the college by none other than the "racist" Cecil Rhodes.

One notices that he didn't turn down the scholarship and was happy to avail himself of funds left by this "racist imperialist". If he really believes Rhodes was so bad he should refund the money immediately and so 'putting his money where his mouth is'. But of course he won't and will no doubt have some convoluted excuse for not doing so.

Let's take a quick look at colonial Africa. When the British and other colonial powers went there, the population was a fraction of the present day population. The inhabitants, who weren't killed by constant inter-tribal warfare generally died of disease or starvation; the life expectancy of most of them was in the order of only 30 years. The colonists stopped the tribal warfare and helped establish agriculture along with basic education so that by the time that Rhodesia became independent, life expectancy was approaching that of many European nations. It interesting to note that life expectancy in modern Zimbabwe has now fallen back to the early thirties over the years since it was given self government and at the same time its education standards have tumbled for all except the privileged few.

I'm no mathematician, but I would suggest that if it hadn't been for the colonial nations, the probability of Ntokozo Qwabe even having being born, let alone surviving to his twenties would have been quite small. It was the "racist colonists" like Rhodes who are indirectly responsible for him actually existing and enabling him to be educated to a standard allowing him to attend Oxford.
He should shut up and give thanks for the colonists who changed Africa from a primitive tribal civilisation to, what was until independence, modern countries.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Oscars

Someone (whom I have never heard of) is complaining about the Oscars being 'too white'. This surely isn't the fault of the Oscars, which can only be awarded to those in the film industry who have achieved something, but of the industry itself. You can't give an award to a black actor if there was no black actor available to qualify for selection.

Are we now reaching the point where the Oscars and other similar awards are not going to be given on the basis of talent, but on the basis of ethnicity. This is already happening elsewhere with so-called positive discrimination and is a failure more frequently than not. Those who are good at their jobs and have ability get on regardless of their race or sex and rarely need special treatment.

Personally, I've reached the point were I now have zero interest in any of the awards in the Film, TV, music or radio industries. First we have all the hype about the nominations for the Oscars, then, some time latter we have the Oscars themselves. We have Golden Globes, whatever they are, along with British Academy awards, Pop awards, Radio & TV awards and others too numerous even to remember; no sooner is one over than another fills our TV screens. On the television we see under-dressed females, intent on showing as much as they can and sometime more than they expected.

Every time it's the same self-serving group of people in the industry busily telling us how good they are. They are paid extremely well to do what they do, I just wish they would get on with that and stop filling our TV screens with their self-advertisements.

Friday, 15 January 2016

New Years Eve - Cologne Cathedral was Attacked

Whilst the mass attack on women by Muslims in Cologne has received a small amount of coverage in the UK media, I can't recall seeing anything about the Cathedral also being attacked. However the 'Frankfurter Allgemeine' reports that firecrackers and rockets were directed at the Cathedral during the New Year's Eve Service and that the German police did nothing.
The report is in German but Google Translate does quite a good job.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Foreign Criminals

According to the BBC Web Page

"Germany has announced plans to make it easier to throw out foreign criminals and strip sex attackers of refugee status."

As both the UK and Germany are signatories to the same European Convention on Human Rights, how comes it that they believe that they will be able to do this when we rarely succeed in doing so? Surely the same Human Rights rules apply and they can't be sent back to any country where their lives might be in danger.
Or is it that the German State doesn't fund human rights lawyers to make numerous appeals on behalf of the criminals that they wish to deport?

The other possibility is that Justice Minister Heiko Maas is simply making a statement concerning 'plans' in order to try to placate those demonstrating against the fact that Chancellor Merkel has allowed these criminals into the country in the first place, but that he has no intention of doing anything because the EU Human Rights rules won't allow him to take such action.

Certainly, if he does succeed, many people here will be asking why we can't do the same.